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Demutualization is the process of converting a mutual life insurance company, which is owned by its policyholders, into a publicly traded stock company owned by shareholders, pursuant to a plan of conversion approved by policyholders and government regulators.

Mutual life policyholders (and heirs) continue to be entitled to receive whatever policy benefits may be due, but in addition receive stock, cash and/or policy credits in exchange for their ownership interest in the old mutual insurance company.

The amount paid to each policyholder is based on a number of factors, including length of time the policy has been in force, face value of the policy, and total premiums paid. For many policyholders, the windfall arising from demutualization can be substantial. Shares may be sold at any time, without affecting policy benefits.

On July 31, 2002 Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. completed its conversion from a mutual insurance company to a stock company, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem, Inc.

Eligible policyholders and heirs became entitled to approximately 48 million shares of Anthem, Inc. common stock and cash totaling $2.06 billion. Compensation consisted of a fixed component of 21 Anthem common shares, as well as a variable component based on policy value. The shares were offered to the public at $36. In the first year after the initial public offering, the price of an Anthem common share increased 54%.

Hundreds of thousands of missing policyholders aren't aware they are entitled to receive demutualization compensation. Contact efforts were unsuccessful, due to name changes after marriage or divorce, unreported changes of address, expired postal forwarding orders and non-current beneficiary information. And a recent government audit found 21 major life insurance companies failed to pay death benefits to beneficiaries even in cases where they knew the policy holder was deceased. {Life Insurance Settlement Claims}

By law, unclaimed demutualization compensation is remitted to the custody of a government trust account until claimants come forward.

Current and former policyholders and their heirs - the majority of whom are unaware they're entitled to unclaimed stock and/or cash - should initiate a database search.

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